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SEVIS Module

A new SEVIS module allows batch and RTI updates for student and scholar information. The module includes SEVIS profiles for previewing applicant information and pending SEVIS updates. Detailed record update logs keep you informed and up-to-date. When using the module for RTI updates, Terra Dotta software mirrors the changes made in the SEVIS system. No more double data entry. The SEVIS EASY module requires a dedicated TDS for ISSS license hosted on Terra Dotta servers.

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Workflow Management Tools

Need process elements reviewed before placing them live on applications? Need application cycles updated for the upcoming semester? Need various staff to approve course equivalencies? The new tasking system allows you to develop individual tasks and groups of tasks (workflows) that are delegated in sequential order for your processes. Action items are displayed right on the administrative home page when an admin logs into the software. With Terra Dotta’s new workflow management tools, you can get organized, collaborate, and automate tasks.

Document Uploader

Applicants will now have a “Documents” panel on their application page to upload any required documentation in any phase of the application process. Global site settings allow you to define acceptable document types (passport photo, financial document, etc.) and maximum file sizes. Program-level settings determine if a program will allow file uploads and what phases of the application/registration process the applicant can upload files. Queries allow you to search for applications that do or do not contain a specific type of attached document.

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Principal/Dependent Applications & Profiles

Applications/Registrations and profiles can be linked in this new TDS15 feature. This is useful for any office process that involves tracking multiple applications and applicants as a group. Updated report results allow you to view assigned principal applications or profiles and their associated dependent records. Settings provide the option for principals to view dependent profiles and applications. Using the new principal/dependent profiles & applications feature, you can assign scholarships to study abroad applications, link a J-1 scholar’s dependents to his/her profile, or assign a group leader to a cohort of travelers.

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