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2015 TDU Conferences

Introducing 3 TDU conferences in 2015! A travel risk-focused summit, the annual TDU user conference, and an international student and scholar-focused summit.  We thank all who attended the Travel Risk Summit in January and the TDU annual user conference in April.  Look for information about the 2016 Travel Risk Summit and TDU annual user conference to be posted soon.  Learn more about each conference on our conference website.

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New Stock Reports

Program Date Management

With the introduction of application and program itineraries in TDS14, the management of a program's dates is more important than ever. Check out the new Program Date Management Utility designed to help facilitate the management of dates and itineraries in TDS.  This is a stock report that allows you to see at-a-glance exactly which programs have, or are missing, date records and program itineraries.  It also shows the number of program applications for a particular application cycle so that the administrator can determine whether or not program dates are necessary.

Application Itineraries

Are you looking for a way to generate reports of itinerary data with each leg of a traveler's trip on a separate row within the Excel file? Look no further!  The new stock report for Application Itineraries populates a new row for each destination associated with an application. Please refer to the Stock Report for Application Itineraries Knowledgebase article for more information.

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