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Training Webinars

As a way to help clients get the most out of their software, Terra Dotta offers free online training webinars.  Each webinar takes one hour to complete and sessions are held monthly. 

Each webinar will cover a different topic and anyone who is currently a client is welcome to attend.  Anyone affiliated with a client institution can register for the webinars by clicking on the links below.  Registration is not limited to support contacts who have login credentials for TDU - but is open to all staff members at a client institution.  Feel free to direct others in your office to this page so they can register for a webinar or simply provide them with the registration link.  There is no limit to the number of people from each office who can attend a particular webinar, so invite anyone who is interested!  

 Date & Time


 Topic & Description

Tuesday, 7/16


Mark Landon

Great-looking Websites with the Stock Layout Editor 
Terra Dotta’s Stock Layout Editor is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to design your site.  This webinar will include a detailed look at what you can and cannot control with the Stock Layout Editor and will help you understand how to better use this built-in tool.  We’ll examine where each of the objects are and understand how and why to choose the right colors for them.

We’ll discuss some fundamental website design objectives and how they can be achieved with the Stock Layout Editor.  As well, we will touch on some basic image editing to help create professional banners for the top and bottom of your layout.  

In addition, we’ll look at some best examples of Terra Dotta client sites built with the Stock Layout Editor.

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Would you like to watch a recorded webinar?

If you couldn't attend a webinar for some reason or are simply interested in watching a past webinar, you can find a link to the recording in the Knowledgebase.

To find the recording, simply search for the word "WEBINAR" in the Knowledgebase.  This will bring up a list of all the recorded webinars. 

Recorded webinars currently in the Knowledgebase:

  • Welcome to Version 12 explores the new features introduced in Version 12 of our software 
  • Preparing for the Version 12 Upgrade -  helpful information on what you should do before and immediately after the Version 12 upgrade so that everything runs as smoothly as possible
  • Data Import/Export Utilities - explore the mechanism for performing complex and large-scale changes on your site while learning some tips to help you avoid pitfalls and trouble-shoot failures
  • Troubleshooting Integrations - covers detailed steps for the most common integration issues so that you can resolve issues faster and keep users happy 
  • Phases, Statuses, and Dates Explained -  look at how application statuses, phases and dates work together to create the underlying flow of application, enrollment, and/or registration processes in Terra Dotta Software
  • Optimizing Your Site: Terra Dotta as Culture Change - hear about how one Terra Dotta client, Emory University, has integrated the techonology within the cultural context campus
  • Preparing for Version 11 - learn about what steps you should take before the Version 11 upgrade
  • Version 11: Applicant Profiles - familiarize yourself with applicant profiles, a major new feature in Version 11
  • Version 11 Sneak Peek - learn about what new features will be included in the Version 11 release
  • Course Management - how to use the course equivalency system
  • Risk Management - track side trips, incident reports and accept faculty-led program proposals
  • Support Resources - discover how to most effectively use the support resources available to you on the Terra Dotta University support website
  • Queries and Reports - learn the fundamentals of querying applications, reporting on applicant information, using progress audits and query watches
  • Exchange Management - use Terra Dotta software to keep track and monitor exchange balances
  • Data Import / Export - this tool allows admin to export, update and import data into Terra Dotta software
  • Permissions Management - use staff permissions to grant or deny permissions on user and group levels
  • Application Processing - learn how to use the software to accommodate office processes that don't match the standard software structure such as a two step application process or prioritizing process elements
  • Leveraging Student Feedback - make use of Assessments, Evaluations and Testimonials in Terra Dotta software
  • Process Version Management - understand how to keep legacy data in tact when your processes evolve over time by creating new versions and deploying different versions to different application cycles
  • Recommendation Types - learn about deploying multiple recommendation types and tips for troubleshooting common recommender issues
  • Advanced WYSIWYG - learn advanced WYSIWYG tips for displaying and positioning your content, modifying images and tables, and using photo editors to design advanced graphics
  • Terra Dotta Community Library - discover this new resource designed to facilitate the sharing of application materials (Learning Content, Assessments & Questionnaires) among Terra Dotta clients 
  • Incoming Programs and Applications -  hear a client's perspective of implementing the incoming side of TD software and using it to accept applications from incoming students
  • Terra Dotta Community Library - What's in there? - take a peek at the information that is available for use in the TDCL
  • WYSIWYG 101 - Review the basic WYSIWYG tips on working with images, tables, using different browsers and learn about CSS and how it affects the content you put in your WYSIWYG
  • StudioAbroad Directory - learn best practices about previewing and installing programs from the Directory, mapping and updating brochures.
  • Ratings, Reviews, & Evaluations: Capturing feedback with Terra Dotta Software and Abroad101 - Learn how you can effectively capture and take advantage of student reviews by utilizing the tools provided by both Terra Dotta and Abroad101. 

Topic Ideas

Is there a topic you are particularly interested in seeing in a training webinar session? 
If so, email us with your idea.

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